December 2020

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings from a year that challenged us profoundly beyond measure and threw us into the deep-end of embracing change. We've collectively adjusted much of everything this past year and have had to dig deep for optimism and positivity. For me personally, this year has provided many opportunities to reflect, surrender, and re-focus on what really matters. During extended periods of self-reflection, this year has given me permission to pursue many of my dreams, usually neglected or forgotten about. 

With many of us working from home the importance of our surroundings were amplified, highlighting the delicate ecosystem we call home. It confirmed the inherent connection between our environment, mental well-being, happiness and personal growth, as undeniable. 

As a realtor and a lover of beautiful homes, inside and out, it has revealed new avenues and opportunities to further explore my passion. I'm excited to invite like-minded people along on my continued journey, from wherever you are. 

The Katie Burkard website and my social media will be updated regularly with new real estate adventures and passion projects. 

This year has given us hard times, pain, awareness, and a long list of lessons it hopes we'll eventually learn. For anyone who has suffered through this time, my hope is that this year ultimately brings strength and hope. 

With gratitude for what is, I'm looking forward to the blessings of the new year. I'm hopeful, excited, and embracing all the new beginnings.

Warmest Wishes, Katie.

From a market update perspective, we've seen historically low-interest rates this year. First time home buyers had the opportunity to enter the market and for those wanting to upgrade or do a lateral move, the time was convenient. With curbed travel, we saw an unanticipated boom in the recreational property market. For many, the 10-year plan to buy an island getaway or the lake cabin turned into a 1-year plan. During the past few months, I've had the privilege of selling 6 gulf island homes - browse the Recreational Property section on my website, for exquisite details.


After a slow 2019 for Vancouver’s real estate market, 2020 started off strong but abruptly came to a halt in March, due to the pandemic. This level of uncertainty made it near impossible to predict how the market might react.

As a by-product, for most people, work and life shifted home and as a result produced buyers focused on space and less on convenience and sellers looking to upgrade their living conditions.

With this unexpected result, Vancouver experienced a rare anomaly - a strong local market buoyed by historically low-interest rates. Typically the sturdy spring market would be delayed and pushed into the summer, continuing into the fall. 

This year, however, we saw increased sales in every region and price point across the board, extending far beyond the downtown core and a bonus heightened interest in recreational properties.

Coming into the winter months the market has slowed in large part to the resurgence of Covid 19, but we foresee a stable year ahead with mostly local buyers. As the pandemic subsides, border re-opens and travel resets to normal, Vancouver might very well see an increased interest from international buyers by 2022. 

Vancouver remains one of the most livable cities on the planet and it won't be long before we see international attention turn back our way.

It has been a fascinating market response and a remarkable year.
Best, Andrew